Bill Whelan - composer:

“It was important for this score which combines rhythmic complexity and emotional impact, to have the orchestra in one room together. I was very lucky to find that location in Vienna, and to have at our disposal some of the finest musicians in that historically musical city,"

Gabriel Yared - composer:

"I had the privilege of working with Martin Gellner through Hollywood in Vienna in 2019. Martin is not only an excellent organiser but also a brilliant composer and orchestrator. He is extremely accommodating, articulate and helpful. He is also surrounded by a great team and I never had a concert so well prepared before thanks to him. He is a multi-talented individual and very easy to work with. It was my absolute pleasure!"

Erran Barron Cohen - composer:

“It was a pleasure to record with Martin and the Big Island Orchestra for my recent score for Borat subsequent moviefilm.

Martin went above the call of duty to ensure we had the best musicians and everything went smoothly for the recording sessions. I’d love to do it again!


ORF/Roman Zach-Kiesling